Symphony Workplaces Local or House Rules

Rev 06-19

Symphony Workplaces is a community of professionals, and the workplaces decorum should at all times reflect adherence by its members to the highest standards of conduct and appearance for the benefit of all. We are presenting these Local or House Rules without the intention of being all-inclusive and we may make adjustments, changes, and interpretations, with or without notice. Violation may result, in some cases, in consequences which could include the issuance by Us of a notice of default and/or the immediate removal from Our premises of the offending person or object.

Please be aware that the Rules and Regulations herein apply equally to Your Visitors

1)       Regular business hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday except Holidays. Our staff Holidays are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Please note that air conditioning may not be available outside of regular business hours and on building holidays based on the local building schedule.

2)       The following are prohibited on the premises at all times:

i)         Smoking and/or Vaping

ii)       Firearms or other weapons

iii)      Pets or other animals except specially trained service dogs accompanying a person with a disability at all times. All service dogs must be tethered at all times per ADA requirements. Please note that emotional support animals are not considered acceptable under the ADA. Violation of this restriction may result in a required Office Refresh with the requisite charge.

iv)      Bicycles or other mobile transportation within the work or meeting space

v)       Hazardous materials or equipment - which would include halogen lamps, candles, solvents, paints, etc.

vi)      Display of any signs, awnings, advertisements or projections which may be visible from any common area of the facilities or floor, or from the outside of the building

vii)     Storage or disposal of food in Your office. All food and other products which may attract vermin or insects should be promptly brought to the Bistro rubbish bins for disposal.

viii)   Applying tape to any walls or furniture

ix)      Changing of locks for doors or furnishings provided by Us


3)       The following are prohibited without Our prior written consent and may be subject to special instructions or fees:

i)         Leaving any personal property in any of the common areas, coworking areas, or meeting rooms overnight

ii)       refrigerators of all types and heavy objects such as safes, etc.

iii)      installation of office equipment with power requirements beyond those of a desktop PC or server.

iv)      Furnishings not specified by Us including file cabinets, desks, tables, chairs, bookcases, etc.

v)       Photocopy machines not provided by Us

vi)      Installation of electrical outlets; network cabling; or any other similar service

vii)     installation of wall hangings; whiteboards, lamps, etc.

viii)   Storage of boxes or other objects in Your office which are visible from the hallway

ix)      Plants resting on the furniture or floor without surface protection

x)        Connection to our wired data network of any telephone, broadband or communications equipment not provided by Us including switches, wireless routers, or other access devices.


4)       Please respect others conducting business in the center by wearing appropriate business attire fitting a professional office environment during regular business hours.


5)       A Client Lounge and Bistro area including a microwave oven and refrigerator are provided for all Clients to share. Installation or use of cooking equipment including hot plates; microwave ovens, etc. (other than those provided by us) is not permitted.


6)       Please ensure that any smells or noise emanating from Your work or meeting space from any source including AV equipment; cell phones, speaker phones, etc. cannot be heard or detected beyond Your immediate area. Areas which are designated as shared including coworking spaces are by priority considered quiet spaces. Please use the provided phone booths or meeting rooms whenever necessary.


7)       The common areas including the hallways, Client Lounge, Bistro, reception area, etc. are for the equal access and benefit for all Clients. Please keep these areas clean and uncluttered throughout the workday and do not conduct meetings in these areas which limit access to others.


8)       Janitorial services are available after 5:00 pm of each workday. For Clients leaving earlier, waste receptacles may be left in the designated recycling closet for disposal. Please do not leave receptacles or any objects for disposal in the hallways during working hours.


9)       Please use the work or meeting space only for approved uses which in Our opinion does not impair the first class character of Our offices and/or Building . Prohibited uses at all times include but are not limited to:

i)         Medical or any physical treatments which include touching of any person, physical examinations, beauty treatments, or massages

ii)       Babysitting of children during business hours

iii)      Sales or display of substances which are controlled by any legal entity, require special security precautions, emit any noises or odors which are detected outside of the contracted area or which may otherwise affect Our Insurance premiums

iv)      Use of the premises for residential, dwelling or sleeping purposes


10)    Please do not bring in any outside furnishings; move any furnishings within your assigned work or meeting space; or remove furnishings or any other items from any other offices on the floor, even if they appear vacant. When using the wood furniture, please use desk mats, coasters or felt bases to avoid causing scratches. All desk chairs must have a floor mat at all times.  Repairs or removals of non-conforming furniture are costly and billable to You.


11)    Our staff are required to maintain a helpful, but strictly professional relationship with Our Clients. Clients are prohibited from offering gratuities; presenting work requests directly to Our staff outside of Our approved procedures; offering Our staff employment, developing personal or external business relationships with Our staff; or becoming involved in any relationships with Our staff which have the potential for creating conflicts of interest, illegal conduct and/or the opportunity for allegations of sexual harassment.