Meeting Room Terms & Conditions

 "You" or "Your" refers to the person booking the resource, and "We" or "Us" or "Our"refers to Symphony Workplaces, it's employees and vendors.

1. Applicable Sales Tax will be applied based on local regulations 

2. All bookings must be prepaid in full in order to be confirmed unless prior billing arrangements have been made.

3. For any meeting room use wherein You supply your own food or beverages, a set-up/clean-up fee equivalent to one hour's billing for the room will be applied.

4. All meeting room usage is assumed to be during business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon-Fri excluding holidays. Usage outside of business hours must be specified in advance and may be subject to a surcharge.

5. We will endeavor to make available to You the Services requested. However, We reserve the right to discontinue or modify the said Services in response to changes from suppliers or circumstances beyond Our control. We are the only service providers authorized to provide these Services in Our facilities.

6..You agree to fully and timely pay all charges as set forth in Our applicable Price Lists for Services authorized and/or requested by You, Your employees, agents, representatives and contractors. All of Your payments must be made by checks drawn on US banks or by approved credit card. Returned checks or transactions using rejected credit cards will be subject to an additional fee of $25.

7. Neither You nor anyone You invite into Our premises can use Our facilities in such a manner as to violate applicable laws, codes, regulations, nor in such a manner which is hazardous, unsafe, or which in Our opinion impairs the first class character of Our facilities or interferes with Our other activities or those of Our Clients.

8.The following are prohibited on the premises at all times; smoking; pets or other animals (except seeing eye dogs); hazardous materials; alchoholic beverages (except with our prior permission)

9. If You wish to cancel any or all of the Services reserved prior to use You must do so in writing through the on-line portal with a confirmation received.  For bookings ordered as PREPAID, the Prepayment Amount is non-refundable. For bookings without PREPAID prices, refunds will be issued within 30 days provided the cancellation was confirmed within the free cancellation period which is published for each room or booking type.

10. You must take good care of and not damage or make any changes to the facilities, furnishings and equipment We provide to You. At the end of Your use, You must deliver the same to Us in good condition, normal wear and tear excepted. If any damage to Our property should occur while in Your care, custody or control, You agree to pay reasonable repair/replacement costs; and You agree to notify Us immediately upon such damage occurring. Only We are authorized to make repairs to Our property.

11. Due to the imperfect nature of verbal, written and electronic communications, We cannot guarantee the Services or facilities We provide to You. We are not liable for any loss or damage (direct or consequential) resulting from Our failure to properly provide a Service or facility to You. We also are not liable, in any way for any failure until You have told Us about it and have given Us a reasonable time to correct that failure. Our only obligation to You for any failure to render any service, or for error or omission by Us, or for any delay or interruption of service, is to make an adjustment to Your bill in an amount equal to the charge for such service for the period during which the failure, delay or interruption continues.

12. We and/or Our Landlord are not liable to You, or to anyone You invite or permit into Our offices or areas, for any injury (including death), loss or damage resulting from the actions or omissions of Our employees, Clients, their guests, or anyone else, or resulting from any condition or failure of the Services and/or facilities provided by Us. You waive all claims You may come to have against Us and/or Our Landlord for damage or loss to Your property arising from fire, theft, or other occurrences. However, You may exercise Your lawful rights to the extent there has occurred willful misconduct or gross negligence by Our employees, while under Our control, and such willful misconduct or gross negligence has caused You injury, loss or damages.

13.. You agree to defend, reimburse and protect Us, Our officers, directors, employees, agents and affiliates (called "Our Group") from and against all obligations, liabilities, claims, damages, costs and fees (including reasonable attorney's fees) which may be imposed upon, or asserted against, Our Group because of Your actions or omission or those of Your employees, agents, representatives, contractors, visitors or of those You permit to occupy or use Our facilities (called "Your Group"), or which arise out of Your failure to fully and timely pay, perform or comply with any provision or requirement contained in this Agreement.

14.. You will have breached this Agreement if You do not fully and timely make the payments, perform the acts, and comply with the requirements, for which You are responsible under this Agreement.

a. If You breach this Agreement, We have the right to cease to provide to You the designated facilities access and/or some or all of Our other Services In the event of such a breach, We also have the right to exclude You, Your employees, and visitors from Our premises.

b. Our termination of Your facilities access or Services hereunder does not end Your obligations to Us. You will still be liable to Us for all unpaid and overdue fees for the Services used, or for which You have committed to use.

15. This Agreement is the entire Agreement between You and Us; and it supersedes any and all previous Agreements, arrangements and understandings We may have had (if any). The laws and courts of the state of New Jersey shall be used to resolve all disputes and to interpret this Agreement.