Symphony Workplaces actively encourages the brokerage community to refer their most discriminating clients to our first class office business centers. We are glad to pay referral fees to licensed brokers for client introductions resulting in full time office agreements according to the terms below. 

About Introductions:  

Referral Fees are paid only for the first direct introduction to us of the prospective client by a licensed broker. The introduction occurs when we are provided the individual name; company, and contact information of the prospect. That is why we suggest you use the Broker Referral Form below. If the same prospect is received from multiple sources, only the first source will be recognized. We strongly encourage brokers to present contact information immediately since most prospects contact us from several sources. The broker need not be present to be recognized if their introduction results in a scheduled center tour.

Referral Fee Calculation:    

Symphony Workplaces offers each successful broker a choice of two options for calculation of the Referral Fee:

Option 1:     The Referral Fee for the initial Agreement term (up to 12 months) will be calculated at 10% of the fixed office access charge* for the term as indicated in the Agreement. There is no fee payable beyond the initial term, even if renewed.

Option 2:     The Referral Fee will be paid for the full term up to 10 years, including renewals. This full term Referral Fee is calculated as follows:
      Years 1-5 @ 5% of the fixed office access charge*
      Years 6-10 @ 2.5% of the fixed office access charge*

For renewals, the broker must be actively involved in facilitating the renewal for the fee to be payable.

Either Option above must be selected at the time of invoice below.    


Symphony Workplaces will contact the broker making the introduction upon receipt of the signed Agreement and initial payments from the client. The contact will include the calculation of the Referral Fee and the relevant page from the Agreement. The broker can then send an invoice and payment instructions along with a completed W-9 form. Please only one invoice should be sent-split fees are the responsibility of the introduction broker. The fees will be paid within 10 days of receipt of the payment instructions.


*Symphony Workplaces pricing is often presented as a gross monthly fixed charge to prospective clients which includes office access; furnishings and other fixed monthly charges. Charges for any services provided from third parties such as furniture rental; parking, etc. are excluded from the Referral Fee calculation. Also, excluded from the Referral Fee calculation are taxable services such as communications equipment or variable charges.


Broker Referral Form

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Brokers referrals will be held active and exclusive for deals closing with 60 days.